To preserve the Rio Grande Valley's native habitat and its inhabitants through education and promotion of the value of our natural resources.


The Rio Grande VAlley is one of the fastest growing Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the entire United States. It is also one of the most important areas habitat wise in the coutnry. Home to many indigenous birds, butterflies, insects, plants and animals found anywhere else int he country, it is the doorway and major migratory pathway into North America from South and Central America. Yet, because of tremendous growth in population, both recent and projected over the next several years, land is being developed at an astounding rate.

Numerous organizations exist in the RGV dedicated to conservation and environmental issues; however, there is no overall effort to combine strengths and resources of these groups.

Many local residents who suport the value of preserving land for the special, often endangered, plants, animals and insects that call them home. As a matter of fact, recent research indicates that interest in protecting the local environment and educating children to its value are more important to Valley residents than the economic impact of nature tourism.

Awareness efforts have been successful in many ares of the Valley. The challenge, however, is twofold; to create that same awareness among the many new residents, especially the recent influx of community and business leaders in decision making roles who have no knowledge of the special nature of Valley land; and to enhance the education of thelocal community so that apathy or the feeling "enough has been done" will not undermine the awareness of the value of the land that the residents already have.

We therefore propose the development of a Valley wide effort, combinging the forces and expertise of many who understnd the importance of increased awareness of the necessity of habitat preservation in the face of accelerated population growth.


  1. To educate the local population, Valley wide, to the value of native habitat.
  2. To concentrate on the business community in awakening an enhanced awareness of the value of preservation.
  3. To create and implement an education program to reach children and their parents in order to maintain understanding throughout the population at all age levels and ensure the continued appreciation of habitat.
  4. To foster the creation, enhancement and promotion of birding and wildlife watching sites and opportunities.





Enjoy the Beatuty of Nature in the
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"The Valley really is the best place in the United States for
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Updated: 4/2/12